Donation Game


I really really feel weird about donations, so instead I decided to make sure everyone gets SOMETHING out of helping me out.

Inspired by Cat and Girl's method of telling people exactly what was bought with donation money, I will go one step further:

You can tell me what to do with the money you donate, or what I'm doing it for.

It's simple, if you donate, send me a message (if paypal doesn't give you a note leaving option, or your message is too long, send it to detailing how you want the money to be spent. You can be as vague as "living expenses" or as specific as "new pens". You can even get weird with it; really want me to eat a hamburger? At a specific location? Sure! I'll even take pictures as proof.

Say you don't care what I spend the money on, but you still want to make this monkey dance. WELL I WILL DANCE. You can ask for something in return for your donation along the lines of "shoe on head" type requests. Picture of me wearing my entire mask collection? Sure! Video of me screaming at a dog? Sure!

If your request is too difficult to fufil or if the amount of money you donated doesn't cover what you want me to do with it I will contact you and we can renegotiate, you'll get something eventually. That being said, GO CRAZY, please. I want to get interesting requests and I want you to feel your donation was worthwhile (other than supporting my comic endeavours of course). Any resultant photos, videos, audio logs, ect will be posted to the fan tumblr.